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PM is a consultancy agency specialized in crisis management, risk communication and guidance on complex changes.

By organizing tailored exercises, courses and training, our advisors put knowledge and advice into practice.

As a driven team, we provide 24/7 crisis assistance permanence to our clients.

PM - risk, crisis, change

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Webinar: Crisis communication – Managing trust through listening 20/6/2016

Inverting the dominant crisis communication logic. A case study based on the Brussels terror attacks – Hugo Marynissen discusses ongoing research about effective crisis communication. Hugo was invited in this webinar as alumni of HEC Paris en Saïd Business School (University of Oxford), Consulting & Coaching for Change Programme.

Business seminar on crisis management in Tokyo 13/11/2015

In November 2015, Hugo Marynissen and Stijn Pieters, both Managing Partners of PM, were invited by Litera Japan to share their experience, knowledge and methodologies at a business seminar in downtown Tokyo. For a selective group of executives from the food and nuclear industry, they presented a new successful and evidence-based methodology on crisis management. This business seminar spurred an inspiring debate about possible adaptions and implementation of the model for the Japanese market, taking into account the different cultural settings and customs. This was PM’s first step in a promising collaboration with Litera Japan.

Executive PhD programme at Antwerp Management School 1/1/2015

Since January 1st, Hugo Marynissen is appointed as Academic Director of the Executive PhD program at Antwerp Management School. AMS is the autonomous management school of the University of Antwerp (Belgium). He combines this position with his current job as Managing Partner at PM.

New Risk and Crisis Management Master Classes1/8/2013

In 2015, PM and Inconnect are organising a new edition of our master class in Belgium and The Netherlands. An extensive 3 ½ day programme, worked out in cooperation with CIP Institute and several international academic partners, will cover the latest developments with respect to risk, crisis and change management/communication. A large number of cases, practical applications and methods will be discussed in detail.

Crisis communication workshops at International Youth Nuclear Congress (IYNC2014) in Burgos 6/7/2014

In partnership with our colleagues from SD Group (Spain) and CIP Institute, we developed a series of four high-level workshop for this conference in Burgos, Spain in July 2014. Using known and unknown examples, cases and exercises, participants will learn about communication with the public in various situations related to the nuclear sector.

Cranfield University9/12/2013

Early December 2013, Hugo Marynissen was awarded the degree of Doctor in Business Administration at Cranfield University, School of Management (UK). The title of his doctoral thesis is A constitutive view on risk communication in organisations managing high-risk processes: Towards a conceptual framework.

PM is seeking European partnerships29/8/2012

We are currently looking for partnerships with similar European consultancy firms.

Presentation at expert meeting CCT (crisis communication team) of the National Police, The Netherlands14/6/2013

In June 2013, PM contributed to an expert meeting about “international cooperation”. The expert meeting was organised by the crisis communication team (CCT) of the National Police of The Netherlands and was held in Den Haag in cooperation with Europol. Stijn Pieters and Hugo Marynissen presented the Belgian crisis structure and their view on best practices in crisis communication such as Stealing Thunder, transparency and press strategy.

Presentation at the World Congress on Risk in Sydney20/7/2012

In July 2012, Hugo Marynissen presented the results of his research on the relationship between risk communication and risk perception in high-risk organisations in Sydney (Australia). The World Congress on Risk is held once every five years and is organised by the Society for Risk Analysis (SRA), a platform where both academics and practitioners in the field of risk analysis share new insights.

Presentation of paper on risk perception in Cranfield University 21/6/2012

In June 2012 Hugo Marynissen presented a paper on the Engaged Management Scholarship Conference at Cranfield University (UK). Risk communication is interconnected with the perception of risks. Hugo describes the relation between both aspects and applies them to tightly coupled and complex interactive organisations, meaning organisations in which extensive risks can appear.

Presentation for ISPSO on risk communication and risk perception4/6/2012

The International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations (ISPSO) selected Hugo Marynissen for a presentation at their annual meeting in San Diego (US) in June 2012. This year’s conference theme is Living with risk, taking action. Hugo will present his research on the relationship between risk communication and risk perception in High Reliability Organisations (HROs).

Interview: The relationship between risk perception and communication 8/3/2011

Interview met Hugo Marynissen

In an interview with Toby Thompson, Hugo Marynissen talks about his doctoral research project concerning the relationship between risk communication and risk perception. Currently, Hugo is in his second year of the Executive Doctorate (DBA) at Cranfield University, School of Management (UK).


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